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What are the consequences of filing late accounts with Companies House?

What are the consequences of filing late...

Does anyone know what the consequences are, apart from a fine, with filing late at Companies House?

I have just acquired a client whose accounts are due tomorrow but there is no way they are anywhere near ready for filing... hopefully we can get them ready for the end of January but I just wondered, apart from the obligatory £150 fine, are there any other consequences for filing late?


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30th Dec 2012 14:08

change the year end

by just one day, do it tomorrow latest and get three extra months for free !

Have a read of this


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30th Dec 2012 14:20


... wow, I had never even heard of this trick - Mouse007, I am eternally grateful... remind me to buy you a beer one day... or failing that, a nice chunk of cheese?

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30th Dec 2012 17:08

Good answer

Yes I have done a change of year end before, oh how we love penalty driven deadlines...bring back the good old days...when we could put "to follow" on tax returns and not worry about it !!

You can extend the year end as long as you do it within the filing deadline period.

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By cfield
30th Dec 2012 18:38

Late filing consequences

Yes, I've used the 3 month trick before with new clients too, and it is a handy get-out. It also allows you to charge a higher fee for doing a longer accounting period and an extra CT600 ;-).

I just wonder how much longer we'll be allowed to do that though. CH are ravenous for late filing penalties and eventually someone will spot that they are losing income as a result.

As for consequences, it might be a black mark against a company's record for credit rating purposes or for bank loans. Don't forget you can see a company's filing record just by clicking Obtain Information on the CH website.

Technically directors can be prosecuted for late accounts but I've never come across a case of it actually happening.

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By Tosie
31st Dec 2012 11:40

see earleir thread

Move it to 30th march you get until 30th March to file and you can use same ard as it is withing 7 days.

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