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What constitute "Prioity"

Agent priority line

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Agent Priority line! It takes 1 minute 31 seconds from dialling before you get to a point to confirm you are an agent, after to listening to a minute and a half of drivel.

Why not just make you press 1 to confirm you have read ther terms and conditions on their website and agree to abide by them before you continue, rather than reading them all out, save around 1 minute 25 per call!


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By rmillaree
20th Jan 2022 11:39

Its not 2 hour hold like some taxpayers wait.

I do resent any messages as its all wasted time (hmrc will likely robustly defend their stupid messages as being necessary) happy to do complaint letter or sign a petition if someone makes it easy as it is riduculous being fored to wait 2 minues listening to same old same old 5 times aweek - at least least the you may be having a baby warning is less frequent. At least give us a secret number 8 to press as an option (hmmm could that exist now?)

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By Jason Croke
20th Jan 2022 11:44

It's standard helpline ploy/tactic to give you information before they connect you to one of their people, it does build in a buffer and helps maintain those "calls answered in x minutes" statics.

They all do it, banks, utilities, John Lewis, always giving you some useless information before you even get to the options.

Bearing in mind the woeful service HMRC has delivered these last 18 months and the massive backlogs they are dealing with, I'd take two minutes of drivel every time :)

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Replying to Jason Croke:
By Hugo Fair
20th Jan 2022 17:37

It's not a new ploy/tactic - just a variation of the 'distraction' technique promoted by some O&R consultants back in the '80s.
The textbook example was an airline whose customers kept complaining about the length of time spent waiting at the baggage carousel for any suitcases to appear.
The solution?
At disembarkation, stop the coach from going straight to the terminal - instead change its route to a (very slow & needless) trawl around the perimeter of the airport before arriving at the terminal.
Passengers felt that 'something' was happening the whole time - and were likely to find suitcases waiting for them (not t'other way round)!

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By D V Fields
20th Jan 2022 12:54

.. because the hope is you’ll ring off in frustration!
The only compensation is that the drivel, as much as you have to endure it, doesn’t seem to affect you waiting time - just your frustration.
One client told me he was on the phone for three hours. Fortunately got the result wanted.

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By Catherine Newman
20th Jan 2022 14:14

A client said to me about the bit about not tolerating any kind of abuse and said no wonder they get abuse with their (lack of) service.

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By Open all hours
21st Jan 2022 15:51

It’s to confirm how little regard they have for their values their customers.
Imagine if we deployed the same tactic.

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By markabacus
21st Jan 2022 18:55

I agree the 1 min or so of trival is a waste of time but the other day it took another 10 mins of listneing to their 'noise' on hold before one of the supplier's [well we are customers ha ha] staff answered my call

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