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What do other small practices pay for SEO

Looking to pay for SEO services and need a barometer

Starting a new practice. Need to make sure my website comes up on page 1 when searches are made for certain keywords. Have been quoted around £350/month to ensure this happens. I just wanted to know what other similar new practices pay for this type of  online advertising and how effective it has proved to be?

Thanks all


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21st Apr 2017 12:30

Please make sure you ask for references. There are a lot of "cowboys" out there that take your money (usually for a minimum term contract so you cant cancel) and do nothing for it. We used a company and we went DOWN in Google! We paid them £1,000 per month. Total waste of money

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21st Apr 2017 12:52

Yes thanks. I have checked their google reviews and they look authentic.

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21st Apr 2017 13:23

Nothing. Doing it ourselves and looking to add to our practice services.

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21st Apr 2017 13:52

I think you might find adwords/other lead generation services better from a quality and cost perspective. I'd expect 20-30 enquiries per month for that spend based on my current cost. However I prefer to control the flow from the tap as I'm building the practice part time and don't want my service quality to suffer which might not matter to you (if full time).

You might also want to consider going with one of the accountancy website specialists as the SEO/content will be part of the monthly package.


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By marks
21st Apr 2017 22:18

Do it yourself

1. Get a web designer to develop you a good website that is fresh/modern with things such as videos, blogs that you update regularly, relevant content, email capture enticers eg ebook downloads. Also have your website SEO optimised. If you dont know about heading, tags, metatags etc then engage someone who can. This might be your web designer but a good web designer tends to be good at building website rather than SEO.

2. Invest in Google Adwords. Again if you dont know how to set up then pay for someone to optimise for you. You can get someone on fivver or peopleperhour. We set up intially ourselves then paid for someone to optimise and now we get more clicks at a lower cost rate.

3. Make sure your social media is active. This tends to be a slow burner but will pay off over time.

We are going through the process of getting our website refreshed.

We pay about £90 each month for Google Adwords and get a steady stream of enquiries.

We pay £100 per month for someone to maintain all our social media channels (relevant daily posts on twitter, linkedin and facebook), send out an enewsletter each month and post two blogs each month.

We sign up anything between 3 and 10 clients on a monthly basis. Last week alone signed up 5.

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By spilly
22nd Apr 2017 01:06

Base your costs on what your expectations are.
A really good ad campaign generates up to 5% of leads, converting to about a 1% 0f new clients from the initial contact.
If you work that backwards, that gives you an indication of what your budget should be for the uplift in fee generation.

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22nd Apr 2017 14:37

We use totalsolution for our website. They have loads of templates and while I know other local accountants use them too, our websites aren't identical. They keep content up to date, I am constantly adding bits to team and company news and tweaking pages to keep them active and get a pretty good flow of work from the website. They also do newsletters and factsheets that are branded with your logo and make you look bigger than a new business might. Monthly cost much lower than what you are quoting. Make sure you get yourself set up properly with Google maps etc too as that seems to make a difference.

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24th Apr 2017 10:28

My advice would be to work with a trusted web developer on an ongoing basis - one who can help you with not just SEO but security, maintenance, performance, backups, content changes AND SEO. SEO is an ongoing process, so it's important to adopt a "little and often" approach. "Limited Company" is right to say that there are a lot of cowboys out there, and anyone who promises to make you "come up on page 1" of Google is someone to avoid, because they clearly do not understand how SEO works.
It's vitally important that your web developer understands your business so that they can optimise your website effectively. If someone doesn't understand what you do in detail, then they will not be able to target the correct customers for you.
Remember also that being on page 1 of Google does not mean that people will visit your website and it certainly doesn't guarantee that they will buy from you. Whilst it's a good first step, it's crucial to have a superb website (both technically and content-wise) to support your SEO strategy.

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25th Apr 2017 11:23

Unless they own Google, Bing & Yahoo can guarantee you a page 1 position in organic search results as only they know the complex algorithms that match searches to website content! Steer well clear of anyine that makes wild promises and guarantees.
There are 3 elements to SEO:
(i) technical SEO- that is optimising your website to be found and indexed by Google for the search phrases you want. If your website is not set up correctly you can get good results very quickly with technical SEO but never any guarantees of a first page result.
(ii) Your website Authority - that is your reputation on the web that os determined by factors such as who links to your site, how long your site has been around and who your site links to. Building your website takes several months years to see tangible results but is most likely to lead to highest page positions
(iii) Your website content - is is your website content relevant to the searchers intent. Google is not there to promote your business it is there to answer people's questions so having content that is up to date and answers people search questions rather than presenting what you business does will also lead to better search positions.

Posts on social media sites - facebook, twitter etc. aren't indexed by Google and won't have any significant effect on your search results positions.

For Local Search results a separate section in Google Search results several other factors come into play such as being registered in local business directories, GoogleMyBusinesss, Apple Maps having a consistent Name addresss and telephone numbers across directory listings and having good reviews.

You can use search engine advertising (e.g.Google Adwords)
to get a listing in the ads sections of Google search results (top and bottom 4 listings on a search results page).

Done well search engine advertising is the most effective method of advertising because you are advertising to people that are interested in your services at the time they are looking for information i.e. they are hot leads.
If you don't know what you are doing with Adwords you will waste money very quickly so make sure you hire someone that is Google Adwords certified.

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25th Apr 2017 12:59

I cannot recommend this highly enough. We recommend this to our clients to learn about SEO to protect them from the cowboys. The feedback has been fantastic.

This is training from Google themselves. If you don,t want to do the course which is excellent I have supplied the excellent link for their topic library. There are so many cowboys out there.

You don,t have to do the course, but I suggest you have a good read. It will help a lot. Even if it stops companies ripping you off telling your rubbish.

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