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What do other small practices use for research?

LexisNexis/Google/Any answers?

Didn't find your answer?

What do you use to find an answer on a tax question?   I have had a trial of the Lexi Nexis product which looks interesting but its v expensive for what I need?  Do you buy Tolleys books?  What do you use when you need to clarify/check something for a client?  

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By Portia Nina Levin
12th Jul 2018 15:18


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By In a Daze
12th Jul 2018 16:04
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By frankfx
12th Jul 2018 21:03

Anyone offering a free ( time honoured prerequisite on this forum) trial of Perspicacity?

Donald Trump doesn't offer it for free, but openly suggest he is naturally endowed with an excess of Perspicacity.....

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By accountantccole
13th Jul 2018 12:26

CCH helplines as a bolt on to our fee protection is good. They usually point to the right bits of legislation if you want to check the detail.

AAT send me a nice Tolleys book each year that addresses the key points of tax I need to know

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