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We are looking to increase out fees and have come across the website Bark - have you got many leads

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We are looking to increase out client base and have come across the website "bark" for accountants, Is there any small practice out there that have used their services and have they found that they get good leads from the site and are reasonabely priced. 

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By Slim
04th May 2022 12:00

youd have to be barking mad

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By Cylhia66
04th May 2022 12:37

It's a good way to waste time and money.

The leads are most of the time dodgy and all they are after is the cheapest offer, nevermind finding a competent accountant.

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By lionofludesch
04th May 2022 13:09

It's a race to the bottom.

Next year, you'll be low-balling again.

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By Hugo Fair
04th May 2022 13:15

Have a read of https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/any-answers/barkcom from only a couple of months ago ... and then see if you still have the same question.

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By Leywood
04th May 2022 13:16

Trial it for yourself as if you were a buyer.

Naff naff naff naff naff.

Race to the bottom, then buy yourself a submersible.

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By Tornado
04th May 2022 13:29

Looks like an online dating Agency. Do you have to swipe right and left to find the best client for you.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
04th May 2022 14:48

Its terrible and potentially a scam as leads are not genuine.

Put your money into google PPC will give you a much better return

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By sanjay100
04th May 2022 15:43

I think a case of barking up the wrong tree as there are better marketing strategies to follow

Bark provides a lot of false leads too give business owners false hopes. I would avoid.

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By creamdelacream
04th May 2022 18:20

We tried and it was a waste of time, junk leads

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By Christoff1977
17th May 2022 12:00

As a little experiment I added a Bark asking for an accountant to see what came back/who the competition might be locally/see how it works from the requester's perspective. Within 10 minutes I got several phonecalls and emails from accountants all over the country who I'd say looking at their company profiles have the resources and probably sales teams to pursue this kind of business. Maybe it works for them, but not my cup of tea.

That said I did get 2 decent clients out of it back in January by only contacting businesses/individuals from my (not that large) hometown. It's also interesting to get the notifications where people post a Bark, you get a name and partial contact details, a couple of times they have been people I know so I've been able to get in touch with them without paying for the lead.

So not a complete waste of time, but as another poster mentioned, there are far more productive ways to market which would give you a better return.

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