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What does an e-bay seller need to show if Limied company

What does an e-bay seller need to show if...

My client does nothing more than buy "toot" and sell on Ebay. One or two bulk orders from China each month and he packages and resells.  Making good money (seeing as it's a hobby and he as a FT job too) but his house is a tip, piled high with socks and all sorts of "toot".

I have suggested trading as company for tax reasons.

With normal business the adivse is easy - need Name, RO address etc on headed paper.

But what does he need if Ebay-ing? Does he need to change his ebay/paypal account to have ltd in the title? Does he just need to show name and address etc on his sales invoices?

Can he just carry on with the existing one? He will set up a brand new bank account with ltd on of course.

Is it that simple?



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23rd Mar 2012 14:34

what is "toot"

please enlighten us


BTW: Trading can't really be seen as a hobby

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to Cveta
23rd Mar 2012 15:19

Toot is just stuff?

He'll buy, and flog on Ebay for a profit.

I hate ebay as it make everyone think they can start a business just like that! Plus no bugger[***] declares anything.


My client is declaring it and the partnership is registered with HMRC. We're not saying it's a hobby.

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23rd Mar 2012 15:32

Toot = Tat??

He will need to get a business paypal account - showing the name of the Ltd company in the title, also will need to make some changes to his ebay account to reflect the change in status.

Invoices should show the usual requisite information.

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