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What ever next

Reductio ad absurdem

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I now realise my stupidity.

The client was unable to claim a foreign pension fund and had a battle for outstanding arrears on a UK one. I located and realised both the pensions and negotiated with HMRC to allocate the pension arrears to the corrct year thereby maximising the tax repayment.

The client who suffers from dementia and other ailments attempted to have my modest invoices allowed as disability expenditure but was turned down on the basis that his 2 carers could have done the work as part of their duties

Very humbling for an old accountant who can now understand his true worth

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By paul.benny
18th Jul 2019 14:15

bernard Michael wrote:
...the carers could have done the work as part of their duties...

By coming here with an incomplete story and getting free advice that didn't fit the circumstances.

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By Wanderer
18th Jul 2019 14:25

Of course his carers could have done it, it's a bit like self-assessment, CTSA, VAT or Companies House accounts. Fill in a few forms and it all goes through - can't be that hard can it?

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By memyself-eye
18th Jul 2019 14:44

Did no one tell you that 'counting beans' is easy? - just read the thread from the VAT registered charity making repayment claims.....

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By AnnAccountant
18th Jul 2019 15:41

I wonder if the civil servant who came up with that argument gets paid the same as one of those NMW carers.

He probably gets more than an accountant, especially when you factor in the pension.

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