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What expense category for eBay fees on tax return?

Which specific expense category would you place eBay fees into?

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I've researched this and cannot find a definitive response. It seems they are not financial charges, as they have nothing to do with merchant banking. Cost of sales is perhaps most appropriate, but I'd like to hear your views. 

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By Andy556
17th Jun 2021 08:46

Cost of sales for me

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By paulhammett
17th Jun 2021 08:59


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By tom123
17th Jun 2021 09:10

For me, it depends,

If you are selling your core product this way (as is more likely) then Cost of Sales.

One off sale of filing cabinet, for example, somewhere in administrative.

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By thestudyman
17th Jun 2021 09:17

If the cost is only incurred because of a sale, then should be put under cost of sales.

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Replying to thestudyman:
By MarathonMan
17th Jun 2021 09:32

The majority is, though a portion would be chargeable in the event of no sales, as a subscription fee. It feels like a best fit scenario.

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