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What expenses to claim for painter/decorator working from home base

What expenses to claim for painter/decorator...

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Sole trader painter/decorator works from home base with turnover around £20,000 pa. I presently claim £2 per week for 52 weeks home as office and £5 per week laundry for 44 weeks (to allow for holidays). I did tell client that I thought £5 per week for laundry was on the high side in view of the cost of soap powder until he told me he had gone through two washing machines in two years.  I would like to increase these amounts to allow for storage of equipment and stock in his rented home. I would like to know if anyone is claiming for larger justifiable amounts in their own painter/decorator clients' accounts.

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By Glenn Martin
04th Mar 2015 00:07

For my painter clients
I always claim for an extra work jacket, as they always put 2 coats on.

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By Sheepy306
04th Mar 2015 08:21

Do the sums
You need to go through the calculations using some informed basis rather than an arbitrary weekly figure. How much of his house does he use for working? A dedicated work room, a corner of the lounge that is always setup as a workspace, packed away each evening? Include the storage space where he keeps his paints and tools and ladders, then go through the house bills and allocate a share of those costs. If he's renting then I suspect that the claim could be considerably higher than at present. There's been other questions on this subject (not necessarily a painter/decorator) so do a search on here.

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