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Hi all

Our accountancy firm has recently purchased Microsoft Teams and wanted to get other practices views regarding the main features they use teams for. We are currently using the chat message service in teams but we know there are many more useful features which we are learning as we go along (such as video calls, screen sharing, etc). We wanted to get an idea of the main features that other firms use MS Teams for as well as recommend any add ons which you may have purchased which you find very useful such as timesheets for employees, etc.


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By Moo Cow
14th Dec 2020 10:29

Very interested in this one. Screen share, and chat (1-2-1) and video meetings are all we have managed so far. I'm sure there must be loads of other features that are useful!

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By mbee1
14th Dec 2020 11:17

Not a fan of Teams. Our Local Authority insist we use it for school governors meetings but I find it a little unstable. Much prefer Zoom although it's had security issues and you can still chat and share screens.

For more instant messaging between staff we have whatsapp.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
14th Dec 2020 11:36

We use Teams just for the messenger. I don’t like the video call function as you have to enable the ability to invite external users, the toggle being hidden somewhere in admin settings. Instead we use Zoom.

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By WhichTyler
14th Dec 2020 11:49

Teams can be tricky for externals, but partly because of the securtiy around other features

It works well with OneDrive and all the rest of O365 (so all of a working teams files, chat, threads, to do lists are in the same place) but moving people and their habits to a collaborative space may take time. Even getting them all to work on a single shared document, rather than emailing different versions, corrections and suggestions around is a hard habit to learn...

So if you are just using it for chat/calls you may be missing some of the best bits (alternatively if you only really need chat/calls, other solutions are available and may be better suited though at a price)

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14th Dec 2020 14:26

We are using Teams a lot more than Zoom for video calls internally and also externally as we find the quality of the sound and video noticeably better than Zoom. It needs to be set up properly by admin to make it easy to invite external people to video calls.

With most staff working from home, our audit teams have been using it to manage audits. For example, a junior would post a message on Teams when they complete the task, the senior would then review the work (via Caseware cloud) and feedback or give the next task. It makes it much easier to manage junior staff on audits involving teams of 6-7 people. The screen share function also helps in training the junior staff.

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John Toon
By John Toon
16th Dec 2020 13:13

We've been using Teams since 2019 and use it for the following:
1. Internal/external messaging
2. Phone calls (it's replaced our ISDN based phone system)
3. Internal/external video calls/meetings which includes screen sharing
4. Sharing of documents on Sharepoint or OneDrive
5. Quizes - using some of the apps available
6. Internal feedback - using the forms app
7. Task management - integrated with the ToDo app
8. Links to Yammer (which we use as an intranet)
9. Links to other apps for notifications driven by Zapier/MS Flow

Linked to MS Flow you can also run or trigger RPA tasks and our staff planner and time recording will sit within Teams early next year coinciding with new systems we're bringing in.

Worth also noting that you can push your Outlook diary into Teams, although we don't use the feature currently, and you'll be able to view emails in Teams from March 2021.

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By fozia
17th Dec 2020 10:15

We have used it for all the reasons stated above, but also have created training vidoes (using MS stream) and uploading to the relevant channel (group) within Teams. It means newer members can just watch this as and when they join so you are not repeating yourself. Also with everyone working remotely you do not always find a suitable time to have a training session and record the meeting.

Although Zoom has been around and easier for external attendees, MS Teams has come a long way since beginning of this year and external attendees can be added via a link that they can access through their browser. Other useful features is the meeting add-in for outlook.

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