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What has happened to the Xero support pages?

They look like they've been slimmed down to reduce content and helpfulness

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Is it just me or have the Xero support pages been removed and replaced by a sort of skeleton support-page structure? I can't even see a navigation sidebar any more.

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By Moonbeam
19th Jun 2018 11:15

Yes, I agree with you

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
19th Jun 2018 19:24

Says it all really... I do hope Taxfiler wont be decimated the same way now they are in the same stable. But then... why should I care - I'm leaving Taxfiler and looking for something else.

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Replying to Jennifer Adams:
By Moonbeam
20th Jun 2018 08:43

Speaking of which I spoke to Taxcalc and BTC yesterday and BTC can do a very good deal for us ex Taxfiler people. I'm not quite ready to move but thought I should prepare myself.

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By Cloudcounter
19th Jun 2018 20:56

I hadn't noticed. They've redesigned the help pages and call it Xero Central but it's all still there as far as i can see. And unless Iris have bought Xero without me noticing it's not in the same stable as Taxfiler

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By garyturner
22nd Jun 2018 07:05

"They look like they've been slimmed down to reduce content and helpfulness"

Not quite ;)

The old Help Centre setup used a framework and approach that's over ten years old but notwithstanding this, we want to expand the scope and utility of the online help we offer, and so the new setup is the first of a number of new resources we'll be launching over the next few months.

For now the improved the search in Xero Central is designed to provide faster, more accurate results and it will continue to learn common search trends over time and become more accurate through increased usage.

You should also start to find this will proactively suggest answers you might have been looking for, with little or no effort.

Like all changes to things we've grown accustomed to using sometimes it's a little jarring, but bear with us and I'm sure you'll see net improvements over what we had before.

Gary Turner
Managing Director, Xero

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