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What is a 'worker' for auto-enrolment?

Worker definition for auto enrolment

If a person carrying out work for a business is not an employee is it possible that they constitute a 'worker' for auto enrolment purposes?

It has been suggested to me that this can be the case but I do not understand how this can be?

Anyone clear on this?




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By Kevkava
21st Apr 2017 12:46

Clearly you need to confirm their status. Either they are employed by the business, or are in some other relationship e.g. a self employed individual invoicing for their services, or a company say. It's for the business to confirm whether or not their relationship equates to that of an employee; and if it does then they will need to be considered for AE - dependent on amount paid etc.

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21st Apr 2017 13:25

How about looking at the legislation which introduced auto-enrolment? A worker is defined in s.88 Pensions Act 2008 and agency workers are defined in s.89.

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