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What is an acceptable level of CPD

What is an acceptable level of CPD

The ICAEW do not appear to be very specific in terms of hours of CPD recommended.

What do colleagues think is reasonable.

I go to 2 half yearly full day tax update days, watch and discuss 12 episodes of Tax TV a year, read all the HMRC agents updates and do 2-3 specialist days a year including auto enrolment and VAT this year.

I would think that’s enough but just interested to hear what people think


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05th Nov 2017 11:41

If you are a full time tax specialist and do nothing else that is probably about right. What does your training needs assessment say? Does that identify any needs other than keeping tax knowledge up to date?

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05th Nov 2017 12:00

Thanks John.
I think your point highlights the need to just step back a bit and try to identify what we are trying to achieve.
My small practice is basically just me and a bookkeeper and an apprentice doing primarily sole trader accounts, straightforward personal tax returns and small one man limited companies.
I must admit I was focussed on trying to keep up to date with issues that would affect the majority of my clients and I felt tax, auto enrolment were current key issues. I did also do a formal day on the new FRS accounting requirements and have done quite a bit of research into MTD although I am waiting for the government to give a clear steer on this before I do anything being a much bigger fan of VT than any of the cloud BK systems I have tried!
Your comment indicates though that I should formalise the objectives a bit more. Thank you.

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to soundadvice
05th Nov 2017 12:22

The ICAEW requires you to do an annual training needs assessment - they will ask to see it on any QAD visit.

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05th Nov 2017 13:13

I think that's enough. Certainly, if you value your sanity

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05th Nov 2017 14:57

Quantity's probably fine but it has a 100% tax bias. Maybe you could swap a couple of tax seminars for accounting in these days of constant change in accounts presentation.

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06th Nov 2017 14:05

As a general rule of thumb, if you do not possess sufficient skills to service your clients, you need to either:
- do sufficient CPD to make up the shortfall, or
- turn the clients away that you don't have the competence to service.

Quantity is irrelevant.

Just turning up and listening to some gas bag, or watching two of them on videocasts, is just going through the motions, as far as I'm concerned. Anything HMRC write is, at best heavily biased, and, at worst, just plain wrong.

Based on the questions you post, you're not doing enough, and what you are doing isn't working.

With a bit of luck though, that lovely Giles and Tim will be along to provide us all with one of those Any Answers: Answered (because the respondents here are too fik to get it right) and enlighten us all.

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By Briar
10th Nov 2017 13:09

Isn't reading Aweb (especially PNL's questions and replies, but ignoring those from Anonymous) enough?

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