What Is Best Billing Software For A Large Business

What is the best billing software for a "slick" large-scale business

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Dear All,

Please help with suggestions regarding the best billing software for a large (and agile) business with operations in the UK and the US.  Much appreciation in advance.



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By paul.benny
16th Mar 2023 06:54

Is this a serious question?

If you're really a 'large' business, you wouldn't need to ask a question here.

How big is your business? Revenue, transaction volumes, number of customers, etc.
What are you selling?

Billing is very different if you are, say, an energy or telecoms business with lots of relatively low value invoices to a capital goods manufacturer with relatively few sales. It's different (in the US) if you're B2B and don't have to contend with sales taxes.
Do you need the billing system to link to inventory management?
Are you dealing with cash sales only (eg restaurants) or does the system need to link to receivables.


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Replying to paul.benny:
By Leywood
16th Mar 2023 08:37

Always the way, respondents put in more effort that the OPs.

OP do you just want a random list of software names?

It can’t be that slick tbh, if you are asking.

What are you using now, why change and what are the downsides of that software for your business/ what are the issues that you need resolving?

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By tom123
16th Mar 2023 07:33

I imagine SAP will do what you need, but as a large business you will have already looked at them I imagine.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
03rd Apr 2023 18:06

Agreed on the SAP point.

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