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What is Error Message 1046

What is Error Message 1046

Withj only a few limited ocmpany clients we have been using the HMRC template for filing CT600 and accounts in iXBRL (pending trials of commercial software). The software is far from satisfactory but we've managed about half a dozen so far. Today's attempt has thrown up a new problem. After successful submission to Companies House, the submission to HMRC keeps failing. I get Error Code 1046 and the message "Authentication Failure. The supplied user credentials failed validation for the requested service".

I spent half an hour on the phone to the supposed Help Desk. After following instructions to amend certain security settings, the guy said it was because of a leading 0 in the company registration number (although this was the number inserted automatically when I downloaded the template). Eventually he logged the call to be passed to the Technical Dept. In the meantime I downloaded template (which interestingly showed a company number WITHOUT the leading 0) and created anew set of accounts and CT600 with otherwise identical info. Got exactly the same error!

Anyone got any suggestions at all?


Yours despairingly



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By occca
09th Nov 2011 15:20

Try this

When I get this on Taxcalc it is usually because I have typed the password in wrong, if this is not the case try this post

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09th Nov 2011 17:07


It's either your Gateway ID and password (for you as an agent), or whatever is used to identify the company.

I'm not familiar with CT filing, but for PAYE the company would be identified by the PAYE reference. I doubt if a leading zero in a company number would cause it.

If your agent details are held in a common place in the software and you have filed other companies, then it will be the company identification.


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By Monsoon
09th Nov 2011 18:34

I had this, but can't remember what the solution was; I definitely had the right user ID and password. I I remember I will y and look it up on my email tomorrow.

Dnicholson, omitting the leading zero in the company number in the iXBRL accounts will definitely cause failure. I know I had that fault once too; I can't remember if it was this error though that generated the login fail message.

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to Jony mark
09th Nov 2011 19:37

Leading zero's

Well, really I mean that I would expect the software to do that. For a tax office number you could enter '23' in our software and we would generate '023' in the XML. But then I'm more PAYE than accounts.

However the authentication error is that the Gateway doesn't know who you are.

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09th Nov 2011 21:35


Thank you to those who replied. I'm embarrassed to say that I suddenly realised that I was carefully typing in completley the wrong ID and password!! Somehow I got it into my head that I needed my Companies House ID and password - not surprising that it didn't work.

Unfortunately, previous experience meant I was quite willing to believe it was a fault of the HMRC software.

By the way, I'm trialling both VT and Comprehensive Accounts at the moment. (Tried Taxcalc but rather expensive for the small number of Ltd clients we have). Anyone used the Comprehensive Accounts software?

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