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RTI submissions made since 2003

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I have made RTI submissions since 2003 for an employee. HMRC says they have not been submitted. Which is untrue.  They say the national insurance number is not live... I have been into all departments of HMRC basically being from one dep to another. I think it's some kind of internal error with HMRC 


I have contacted the dep of work and pensions to see if they can help.


Anyone else experienced anything as weird? 


I noticed this as I could not make a furlough claim for this employee.

I have been passed from one HMRC dep to another no one there now how to solve this.



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By Matrix
10th Jan 2021 07:54

The employee needs to sort this out from their end.

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By Truthsayer
10th Jan 2021 09:02

You've been doing this since 2013, not 2003, as 2013 was when it was introduced. What are HMRC saying? Are they saying you have not made RTI submissions, or are they saying you have, but with an invalid Ni number? You seem to be contradicting yourself.

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By Not Anonymous
10th Jan 2021 09:21

What is the National Insurance number you have used?

Obviously don't post the whole thing but you could post all the letters with any numbers replaced with *.

It may be that it is invalid.

National Insurance office have a list somewhere of valid NINO formats.

And if any tax/NIC was involved what has happened to the payments you have made? Do you have a large credit on your employer's account?

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10th Jan 2021 10:09

Your submissions would have resulted in submissions receipt, providing you with the evidence of what you have done. Just a case of waving these in front of HM Revenue and Customs.

I would suggest that you may wish to check that you are using the correct employer reference. For the individual employee they should have an individual Pay ID/Ref separate from their NIC number.

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By leicsred
10th Jan 2021 11:09

Also double check that it isn't a CIS only scheme. We had this (but fortunately only a couple of months in that case).

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By lionofludesch
10th Jan 2021 12:50

Definitely get the employee to check the NI number.

Sight of some letter or form emanating from the Government, as opposed to a former employer, would be helpful.

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By Paul11
10th Jan 2021 18:42

They say the employee is not included in the RTI submissions.

The employee has been included on the RTI submissions since 2003. I have the time stamped rti

There is a credit on the paye . I thought that was something to with SMP a couple of years ago that caused that. It's not a large amount.

There's 2 employees HMRC have told me the employee that is causing problems. They say the national insurance number is not live. I have been into different HMRC departments and requested technical help but nobody from HMRC comes back to me.

It was a department on the self assessment side that said they had made the national insurance live now. But I cannot see any evidence of this.

I submitted there tax return with the directors wages on. I got a letter back from HMRC saying your client does not need to submit tax returns any more. Which was strange.

I checked with the client it was the correct national insurance number.

HMRC say this employee is not on the RTI submissions which is not the case. I have the time stamped submissions as evidence I offered to show HMRC these and they said we don't do things that way.

On one occasion I gave HMRC the ni number they said that number does not exist. Then on another occasion they said it does exist. They also said the paye reference does not exist. It clearly does I can see it on my agent account.

I have asked for a report of years qualified for a state pension the ni record. She should have qualifying years every year as her wages are 9999 per year. I am waiting for this

I have checked the ni number and the paye reference but not checked the accounts office reference. It works for the other employee. So assume that is right

It's not a cis scheme she just an director who takes a monthly wage. You think I may have ticked a cis box. I will check that.

In march I got HMRC to do the furlough claim over the phone with me but now they won't do that. They won't put me through to tier 3 now. They say someone will come back to you within 10 working days. They don't come back.
It's a worry !

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Replying to Paul11:
By SteveHa
11th Jan 2021 09:47


HMRC say this employee is not on the RTI submissions which is not the case. I have the time stamped submissions as evidence I offered to show HMRC these and they said we don't do things that way.

Tell HMRC to raise a penalty, which you will appeal to the FTT. They certainly do things that way.

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