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What is good about a/web....

What is good about a/web....

What do you find good about a/w and if it beacame sub only how much would you be prepared to pay?


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By Moltke
21st Jul 2009 09:50

Nothing much at the moment
Like many other people, just waiting to see whether they reorganise this site back to the way it was. If not then I will abandon it as with so many other people.

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21st Jul 2009 10:12

Obviously there are those who think AWeb is going the subscription route, a shame if true.

Personally I would not pay anything for access, this site is what it is because of all those who contribute for free, and to this end, if it became subscription based then there is still the AccountancyAge website which I find very informative and I am sure in this day and age of web-technology someone will create a ‘forum’ where practitioners can all contribute and replicate any answers.

To be honest, the main part of AWeb I visit is Any Answers, for news etc I use AccountancyAge these days, sorry AWeb.

Holden Associates
A Blog for Small Business

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21st Jul 2009 10:28

Your fears are unfounded
We have absolutely no plans to charge for access to the site. We will continue to grow and improve the site and Any Answers is a vital part of that mix. The great advantage of AccountingWEB is its community. If you think we should be covering an area or a specific subject and it's not on the site - let us know.

Steve Roth
Managing Editor,

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21st Jul 2009 12:07

I help run a car club ...
and the membership fee is £15p/a. The prime benefit to members is access to the technical part of the fourm to solve their problems. The are also group discounts negotiated with insurers/suppliers. I guess if AWEB offered the latter then I would pay that sort of amount.

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21st Jul 2009 12:26

Nearly flagged that last comment as offensive
but lucklily stopped myself just in time.
Are you on the books ?

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21st Jul 2009 13:56

Nope ....
and as one of the few non-alias people I'm sure others can verify I'm real! The question was .. what value does AWEB have to me .. and I answered it. £15 p/a ... simple enough!

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21st Jul 2009 14:32

Sorry Steve
Should have made clear my last post was a joke.
How do you know this is not real name anyway ?

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21st Jul 2009 15:38

How To Make Money?
Maybe if A-web introduced some sort of benefit people might bite on a subscription.

Random Ideas:

Run a visible scoring system, similar to eBay, whereby contributors earn brownie points for sound answers. Higher ranking contributors would be more attractive to (a) employers; or (b) prospective clients.

Introduce an A-web competency certificate - rather like Microsoft and Sage have done - based on a mixture of exam and positive contributions.

Market A-web ties and diaries.

Get Nichola and Rebecca to pose naked for the A-web calendar, only £9.99 plus p&p

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21st Jul 2009 16:56

Some interesting suggestions mixed with some barmy ones! Your calendar idea was funny but I'm not sure the ladies would go for it!

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22nd Jul 2009 11:06

A-web Brand
Oh well, calendars have been done before anyway!

Ties, pens, calendars... it's all about merchandising I guess. Just think what an ice-breaker an A-web tie or broach would be on CPD days: "I'm just going to call in on my A-web phone." Just like Batman and his bat-phone!

The brownie points system would give contributors kudos, which could translate into something more tangible. What employer could possibly resist offering a highly-paid job to high-ranking contributors?

I reckon you need a patron. Maybe James Caan or Ken Dodd?

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By Anonymous
22nd Jul 2009 13:19

If Gina's in it I'll buy a hundred!!!

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22nd Jul 2009 14:06

Mr February?
Me too - so long as Darren's not in any of the shots!

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