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What is the advantage of scrolling?


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I go on AccountingWeb and click on Any Answers. Previously I would then be able to see the latest questions and to the right I would be able to see the latest answers. Now I have to click the scroll bar four times past rubbish to see a few latest questions and scroll about four or five times to see what I could see without having to scroll at all previously. I can't see any latest answers. This would appear to make the site worse. If anybody can explain why it makes the site better I am happy to see what they have to say.


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09th May 2016 09:22

Plus, if you dont request an update to your post when someone else posts, you cant actually see if someone else has posted! Unless you can remember that it had 9 posts on it when you last read it five hours ago, and oh look, now its got 10! But lets face it you cant do that on them all can you. Plus we all know whey most have turned off their updates! Worst still - has anyone from the powers that be actually noticed the increasing numbers of Oklahoma dust bunnies (is that what they are called) that are now roaming across aweb!

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to Cheshire
09th May 2016 09:26

Like most other people I have turned off notifications for when other people post because of being swamped by emails from AccountingWeb. This update has really been designed by the most unprofessional shower I can think of. I may have to treat AccountingWeb emails as spam if I can't come up with something better.

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09th May 2016 09:23

I think this is partly a browser thing. I get 3 latest questions on the first screen and a small roll brings up the next twelve. It would be better without the tiles in the middle and better still without the tiles at the top but seeing the questions is not a problem for me on Firefox. But I do miss the Latest answers section.

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to paulwakefield1
09th May 2016 09:38

I just tried Firefox (I was using Chrome before) and there's no difference. I get five questions on a screen and that's with a 32" monitor. With the old site I would get about 20 question on one screen. I thought you could design your site to deal with different devices and browsers - is doing that "old fashioned" now?

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to petersaxton
09th May 2016 10:58

Blimey. I'm using a 24" screen and it sounds much better. I wonder if it's to do with the aspect ratio. My screens have a 16:10 ratio. So many these days are 16:9 which may be great for films but is definitely a retrograde step for work as you lose so much depth.

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09th May 2016 10:10

There'd be a lot less scrolling needed if people would stop posting and reposting the same complaints all the time.

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to Duggimon
09th May 2016 10:13

That's the problem with the new site. It's difficult to read any content so people post what has been said already.

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to Duggimon
09th May 2016 19:22

Duggimon wrote:

There'd be a lot less scrolling needed if people would stop posting and reposting the same complaints all the time.

Ah - but if everyone didnt keep complaining about this completely annoying feature, then nothing would get done. Sorry - now even more scrolling!

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By Locutus
09th May 2016 13:07

And another thing I don't like is that when you are trying to quickly scroll through the answers to a question like this, if you scroll too fast, you scroll onto some other unrelated question below it.

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09th May 2016 14:59

Hi Peter,

Couple of things on this. We'll be bringing in a 'latest reply' filter by the end of this week, which should help you with navigating the AA threads more efficiently.

The feedback we've had around scrolling is extensive. It falls into two of the 'themes' I mentioned in the update blog from last week, namely: 'commenting' and 'visibility of content'.

Changes in these areas aren't going to happen in the short term, but we are going to be reviewing both the usage stats, and the onsite feedback to help inform our next steps.

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to bensmithsift
09th May 2016 15:41

Thanks Ben
Why was the latest reply taken out?

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09th May 2016 16:16

HI Ben
My issue with scrolling is the number of pages - on my portrait monitor it takes 26 page downs to get to the bottom of the home page ( 2 items per line ) and on my laptop 14.

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to Marion Hayes
09th May 2016 19:29

I have calculated 13 pages to get from top to bottom of the home page.
If I was designing a page I would try to come up with something easy to read and understand. The designers of AccountingWeb seem to have the opposite philosophy.

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