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What is the point of ACCA

What is the point of ACCA

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Is anyone actually manning the ACCA technical helpline or are ACCA members so inept that they are constantly calling it en mass, hence it is always engaged.

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By SThornton
08th Apr 2016 13:20

As you seem to know

it's always engaged, does that mean you're calling yourself inept?

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Small Dog's RAT Return
By Oldmanwetmix
08th Apr 2016 14:27


I was asking the question, its for others to judge, lol

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Image is of a pin up style woman in a red dress with some of her skirt caught in the filing cabinet. She looks surprised.
By Monsoon
08th Apr 2016 14:49

The point of ACCA is to take your money, no?

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By jul2614
08th Apr 2016 15:14

Yes, to take your money and get very little back in return!

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By Old Greying Accountant
08th Apr 2016 16:34

There is only one bod there ...

... so only need to be the second caller ...

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By Simontax
12th Apr 2016 11:13

Used to be great



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