What paperwork is needed to prove that shares have been transfer to a married partner (for Capital Gains Tax)?

What paperwork is needed to prove that shares...

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With Capital Gain tax, shares can be transferred to a married partner without any capital gains tax.

The partner can then sell the shares within his/her annual exempt amount without paying capital gain tax.
However what paperwork is needed to prove that the shares have been transferred?
Is it necessary to get new share certificates in the partners name?
Or can the partners just.
  • H writes to W giving her the shares
  • W writes to H asking him to sell her shares
  • H gives W money from sale
  • (Assuming the shares all at all times hold without the same stock-broker account)

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By User deleted
07th Mar 2010 22:53

Why bother with all those letters?

surely any stockbrokers' account can handle this -  it's pretty common tax planning? Or else fill out the share transfer forms?

I can understand with property it may be easier to do a transfer of beneficial interests but not sure why shares should be a problem.


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By ringi
08th Mar 2010 08:12

In this case it is not as easy...

It is a USA based stock broker and they charge a lot to issue paper share certificates or to transfer the shares to anther account. I don’t know if they will even transfer the shares to an account in a different name.


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By pawncob
08th Mar 2010 11:21


A (very simple) deed of gift is essential.

New share certificates only confirm the position. After all, when the deal is done, what evidence is there that certificates were or weren't issued?

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