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What payments from Israel have tax withheld?

Withholding Tax in Israel

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Please can somebody help me regarding withholding taxes in Israel.

Please can someone confirm for me (any links would be great), that there is no tax withheld by Israel companies on payments to UK suppliers for services that have been provided. The services may take place in the UK or Israel.

From what I've read there is tax withheld on dividend and interest payments to the UK. Does anyone know if there is any exceptions to that?

Thanks for help

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By Accountant A
10th Jan 2020 12:14

Have you read the UK/Israel DTA?

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Replying to Accountant A:
By rae10000
10th Jan 2020 12:33

Well its pretty hard going, but...…

From what I can tell under the new treaty arrangements which has come in force from 01/01/2020.

The withholding tax on payments to the UK is :

5% on dividends to UK resident companies (Otherwise 15%)

Now 0% in interest payments (apart from a few exceptions)

Also 0% on royalties.

What I'm really after is someone to confirm this for me and to point out anything with regard to Withholding taxes in Israel that I'm missing.


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By Accountant A
10th Jan 2020 15:14

Try a Google search. Larger firms often publish commentary on changes like this.

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