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What practice management software should I get?

What practice management software should I get?


We have reached 300 contractors and started receiving enquiries through our website. Currently we are using spreadsheet for filtering data to send auto reminders for VAT deadline etc. As we are getting more clients its become difficult for us to keep track of my clients. 

The other issue is engaging prospects by sending auto reminders.

Could anyone advise the best and cost effective system. I attended logical office video demonstration today but they are charging 50 Pounds per month extra for autoreminders for Pre-Written template library, Client/work dashboard (action list), Pre-defined work screens with statuses, Implementation documentation, Automated Reminders for:YEAR END ACCOUNTS (Limited Company, Partnership, Sole Trader), ANNUAL RETURN ONLINE, COMPLIANCE, VAT RETURNS etc which was a bit disappointment as they did not mention of separate price for this during our video demonstration.

Any suggestions besides spreadsheet?



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By Gajen
28th Nov 2012 09:33


Have you tired looking at IRIS? Please see the link below;

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28th Nov 2012 09:44

Glide Practice Intelligence software

Firstly congrats on the number of clients.  Totally agree, its a nightmare keeping track of work in progress!  I have been using an excel sheet but after missing a couple of Co house filings and paid the fine for the client, enough was enough!

I looked at HQ and Logical office.  Both impressive, but I was not too happy of putting everything into the system.  We have Act! thrown in with our Sage Accountants club package and I have used it for years as a stable database.  I didn`t really want to leave it.

I found a solution which is ideal.  Its called Glide.  Its a new system and is being developed by an accountant, Ben Norwell.  I have only been using it for a few weeks but so far, I think its fantastic!  Just like you, our practice has around 500 Ltd clients and 200 sole traders.  These can all be loaded onto the system via csv.  (Ben will help you)  Once there you can sort by year-end etc.  Once a job has been created it will sit there until you tell the system you have filed accounts with Co house and the CT600 with HMRC.

They will be introducing paye safeguards by April, to avoid the P35 and P11d fines etc.  Not sure about VAT but thats reasonable easy by excel anyway.

I am not related to Ben, nor have I received any special treatment or incentive.  It just happens to be an answer to a real problem.  The added bonus is that each partner has their own dashboard showing their workload.

Let me know what you think?



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28th Nov 2012 10:05

Another for Iris

The Practice Management module is perfectly designed to handle "anything client" and you can monitor & chase per piece of work, per type of work, per fee earner, per client or batch of clients AND it all links with accs & tax prep, everything you need in one box.

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28th Nov 2012 10:16

I have previously used Iris in my previous company. Do you have sms and skype option? Also does Iris upload emails from outlook automatically?



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28th Nov 2012 11:01


Not sure about sms & Skype, we use both a few times a week but independently of Iris.  Iris partners with Invu with it's Open Docs module which integrates emails & docs.

We don't use this but, as 98% of our communication is via email, we use Mailsafe which adds-in to Outlook to tag emails to clients/topic/year etc however it also links to Iris in that if you have the client's screen open in Iris and hit a hotkey, every email with that client appears in a search screen in Mailsafe.  Brilliant bit of software.

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28th Nov 2012 13:40

Iris v Glide
I wasn`t aware that Iris did a stand alone management suite. We use VT and Taxcalc, so hadn`t really considered them. But the initial price is a bit of a put off. No up front fees with Glide.

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11th Dec 2012 13:52

I have opted for Zoho. The good thing about it is that I can do programming in it and set functions with the help of developer.

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11th Dec 2012 16:44


I thought you had reached a time where you had got nice and busy.  Why would you want to mess about programming instead of making money? 

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17th Apr 2013 11:18

Iris V Glide

Just an update.  After looking at our systems.  Still using VT, Taxcalc, Moneysoft, Act and Glide total cost = £1600.  Unbeatable value

Lets see what Taxcalc do with their new hub system?


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