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What rate of pay do I use to calculate holiday

Maternity and Holiday

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I have a client who's employee worked different hours a week before she went on maternity. So average for holiday purposes was always calculated on past 13 weeks.

She has been on maternity in this new financial tax year 2018/19 - she finished maternity last week and now wants to be paid the holidays she has accrued and not return to work. I've worked out the days she has accrued (24) but what rate do I calculate this at? The last 13 weeks would be at maternity rate or £29.04 per day. Or do I use the last 13 weeks before she started maternity?


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Hallerud at Easter
14th Nov 2018 11:57

I would revert to hours when was at work- ACAS site indicates hours normally worked when working as metric.

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By Carolynne
14th Nov 2018 16:07

I concur with DJKL, you would always calculate based on actual pay, rather than maternity pay received so that they are not disadvantaged.

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