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What SIC code should we be using

i need to find out what SIC code to use when acquiring a business

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I am asking on behalf of a friend who is acquiring a business.

He has asked me and i am subsequently asking you great people, as this is not my area of expertise

What SIC code will i need to set up the SPV as, to acquire the target copmany - is it the same as it is already or do SPV have their own. 

He has also said

Also the sic codes do not match to the holding company or the spv below it if you could let me know which to use please

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By Chris.Mann
04th Apr 2019 15:17

I'm pretty sure it's Thursday.

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Replying to Chris.Mann:
By Wrighty59uk
04th Apr 2019 15:34


I'm pretty sure it's Thursday.

What has the day of the week got to do with it?

It’s a genuine question and I was hoping someone could help

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By Duggimon
04th Apr 2019 16:02

What about 2250 - Knitting Mills?

Or what about just looking at the list and picking the one that most closely matches what the business does? That's what everyone else does.

I have no idea what that would be since I can't really follow your question.

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By Wrighty59uk
04th Apr 2019 16:13

What I am trying to find out is, should an SPV not have a different SIC code than the company it’s acquiring?

Or should it have the same code as the company it’s acquiring.

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Routemaster image
By tom123
04th Apr 2019 16:15

70100 activities of head offices

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