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What software? commercial setting

What software to use for a manufacturing company?

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Think this must have been answered sometimes in past, nevertheless i ask...

Client seeking recommendation for a software to implement for bookkeeping purposes in a newly formed manufacturing business. I am leaning towards SAGE. However, i also thought about VT but then the thought that VT is manily geared towards accountancy practice.

Any pointers much appreciated.

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Stuart Walker Yellow Tomato Copy
By winton50
23rd Feb 2017 13:13

Unfortunately this is a bit of a piece of string question.

Is this to be used purely for bookkeeping? Do they want some form of stockholding? Do they want to run projects? MRP?

If you can give some sort of specifics then maybe we can help with suggestions.

Possibly a good idea also to remember that although most clients will tell you they don't want their software to do X, Y or Z invariably there comes a point not too far down the track when they change their mind so think about how you'll get the information back out!

I'd probably steer away from Sage nowadays though. I just think there are better products for specific uses.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
23rd Feb 2017 13:39

Look at Exact great software and they specialise in the sector.

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Routemaster image
By tom123
23rd Feb 2017 14:02

How big?

I use Sage 200 in a manufacturing environment.
Good, solid period based system, stock control, SOP, POP. BOM etc.

Will require staff with some knowledge to run it though.

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By spilly
23rd Feb 2017 14:35

Don't forget that there are some industry-specific software solutions that can bolt-on to Sage.

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