What software do you use as an accountant in practice

What software do you use as an accountant in...

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With some softwares costing significant sums, just wondering what software you accountants in small practices use to do book keeping for clients and manage payroll for clients...

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By mrme89
13th Mar 2014 12:20

Have a quick search, the topic has been done 000's of times.


The most popular combination seems to by VT, TaxCalc and Moneysoft.

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By Euan MacLennan
13th Mar 2014 12:30

Yes, but ...

... the OP asked about Book-keeping & Payroll.

Many people advocate VT Transaction + for book-keeping and you would be mad not to use Moneysoft Payroll Manager for payroll.

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By nmprobinson
13th Mar 2014 12:40

Easy one...

We use: -

Payroll - Moneysoft

Accounts - VT

Practice management/tax - BTC

Bookkeeping - variety incl Excel, VT (+ and cashbook), Xero, Clearbooks, Freeagent, Sage (argh) etc

The payroll, accounts, practice management and tax are all no brainers as far as I am concerned.  Simple, good value and great support teams!

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By andy.partridge
13th Mar 2014 12:45

Same as Euan and Nick

VT Transaction+ and Moneysoft Payroll.

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By marks
14th Mar 2014 00:26

What I use

Accounts/Tax - Taxcalc

Payroll - Outsourced

Bookkeeping - SAGE

Practice Management - Good old excel.  Still looking for the holy grail (a freestanding good practice management package incorporating time recording)

Clients use a variety of different ways to keep records; manual, excel, VTcashbook, SAGE, Kashflow, Xero, Clearbooks.



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By Karen Bennett
10th Jul 2014 16:24


Hi Acron5,

Yeah this topic has been covered a good few times alright. Have a look at this thread here covering the best software for practices. I have posted other relevant links there too so you should find loads of recommendations there.


I have mentioned this before on some of the forums but AutoRec is a bank reconciliation or bookkeeping software that extracts transaction data from bank, credit card and online statements to eliminate the manual work involved. 

It would only be relevant to you however if you typically deal with clients who have incomplete records. If so it will save you quite a lot of time. Basically AutoRec extracts the data for you and converts it into a spreadsheet in minutes. If you are interested I could set up a demo for you. It only takes 15 mins. You can have a look at what our customers think here – Testimonials.

We have a mixture of sole practioners and large practices subscribing to AutoRec.  

Regarding payroll software we use  thesaurus and we find it very user friendly. Hope that helps.  http://www.thesaurus.ie/

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