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What tax certificate is this?

What tax certificate is this?
Email from the client: "I need some help on getting a "Tax certificate".  I did some work for a university in Spain and they won't pay me unless I produce a tax certificate (whatever that is - see blurb below taken from their pro forma).  I went on HRMC web site and they suggested ring my tax office (which according to my last form was xxxx) - after three unanswered phone calls totalling well over an hour I finally gave up - thus this email.  Do you have any clever ways of getting such a certificate or any suggestions what I need to do.  Any thoughts gratefully received.  
"THE Tax Certificate
This must be issued by the tax authorities of the associate’s country of residence. The tax certificate should state that the named natural or legal person is resident in said country for the purposes of The Double Taxation Convention.
The tax certificates are valid for a year running from the date on which they were issued. Each tax authority has its own rules regarding the issue of such certificates."

Any help would be graetly appreciated.


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07th Jul 2011 12:55

Tax Cert

You will need to get a letter from the revenue stating that your tax affairs are up to date. The UK revenue do not issue tax certs. Hope this helps.

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07th Jul 2011 13:10

Tax certificate

One of my client had similar senario and HMRC wrote a letter with Spanish translation which he submitted to Spanish Authorities

To whom it may concern

The United Kingdom Tax authorities certify that to the best of theor knowledge, Mr XXX is a resident of the United Kingdom within the meaning, of the Spain/United Kingdom tax convention.

Therefore write to local tax office.









-- R Dodhia

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07th Jul 2011 13:33

Residence certificates

 We have recently been asked for three of these - it must be a new ruling from Brussels or some such.

For one client we wrote to her "local office" in Stockton but the reply came from Customer Operations in Cardiff with a Portsmouth datestamp. Perhaps Cardiff is the place to write to.


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By Monsoon
07th Jul 2011 15:35

We had one of these

for a UK Ltd working for a Greek company, I believe they sent us a form that had to be stamped by the CT office. Once we worked out what on earth they were after, it was easy. The first bit, less so!

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By ginai
to Time for change
16th May 2012 11:44


Please can some one advise me what to do if i have been sent a simillar request from a supplier in Germany. Where can i get it stamped from

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07th Jul 2011 17:29

Could be Tax or Social Security reasons

For NIC 

For tax I have just written for a Certificate of Residency for a client.


PAYE & Self Assessment

PO Box 1970


L75 1WX

I had to include details of the country involved, the tax year concerned, the type of income concerned and enclso a copy of the request from the relevant country. Unfortunately the request sits in the normal post but I optimistically wrote urgent on the top.

As an alternative, for an urgent request in the past, I have rung a local CT office and enlisted their help in finding the Inspector in the district responsible for issuing these letters. Could still be worth a go

-- Marion

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07th Jul 2011 21:10

Certificate of fiscal residence

Hi - chances are it's one of the above from the company's/person's tax office.  One of my clients did some work for a company in Italy and it would not release payment till they had the above certificate to evidence that the company was resident in and paid tax in the UK.

Even if you had got through on the phone they'd have told you they needed you to write in.  You have to write to the tax office asking for the cert and providing the following:

Name and address of the payer in Spain;

Confirmation that XXXX Ltd (or the person) is the beneficial owner of the full amount of the income for which the certificate is required;

Confirmation that the full amount of the income will be subject to Corporation/Income Tax.

Hope that's what you're after.

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08th Jul 2011 02:28

Apply within...
This is what I usually do... Q How do I get a certificate of UK residence?

A. From the HMRC office which normally deals with your tax affairs. If you deal with more than one tax office, you need to go to the one to which you send your tax returns.

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08th Jul 2011 11:25

UK tax certificate

The certificate is required to prove the taxpayer is resident and subject to tax in the UK.

The reason is if they have a certificate to prove this the withholding tax is reduced.removed.

The spanish university is asking for the certificate before they pay out as they would be in trouble if they paid at the lower rate without a cert.

Right to the local tax office asking for a letter showing the client is resident in the UK and that it is due to a receipt of income from Spain. You will then get a standard letter back that can be forwarded to the University.

After this has all been done you client will probably decide its not worth working overseas in the future due to the hassle in getting paid. 

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08th Jul 2011 14:14

Thanks to all who have replied

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By ginai
15th May 2012 12:29

Please Adivse

Please can some one advise me what to do if i have been sent a simillar request from a supplier in Germany. Where can i get it stamped from


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