What to advise clients trading with EU

HMRC have sent out letters what are you advising your small clients

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I really feel like retiring all the Covid information etc and now being asked re Brexit and trading with EU. Looking at Gov website is like a needle in a haysytack trying to find information in a simplified form for a small business. I have seen the articles on Aweb which are helpful. I don't feel like recommending agents etc what is everyone else doing?

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By Wanderer
09th Nov 2020 19:09

Does anyone actually know what exactly the position is going to be?

All this gumph from HMRC and others about preparing etc. is useless without knowing the position.

Look at Transitional Simplified Procedures that they wanted us all to spend time preparing for, suspended and now abolished!

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Replying to Wanderer:
By Di
09th Nov 2020 19:22

Its a nightmare on top of Covid, the small businesses will need to increase their prices for the import duty, not to mention what the agents will charge. Just another nail in the coffin for many small shops.

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By tom123
10th Nov 2020 09:26

So, you basically have three issues:
1) Freight
2) Duties
3) Compliance.

For most importers the freight part will be taken care of by whomever is delivering the parcel. There is nothing much you can actually 'do' other than get an EORI number.

Duties will be what they will be, the freight company will invoice you.

Compliance - this is one I am dealing with as a machinery exporter. It is complex, but hey.

For exporters, invoicing etc more likely to follow the international style, with packing lists etc.

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