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What to do?

What to do?

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I had a phone call from a utility company yesterday. They e-mailed to me a lease which had my signature and what looks like a stamp that could be my firm's on the front page - presumably as some form of authentication. I did not sign the document.

What appears to have happened is that someone has downloaded a set of audited accounts from Companies House and then scanned in and copied my signature and the signature block below it.

What has been done is clearly fraud, but I'm interested to know what community members think I should do. I have already told the utility company that I did not sign the document and will also tell our PI insurers. But what else? Police (will they be interested)? Do I need to make a MLR report? Any other thoughts?

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By bernard michael
20th Mar 2012 14:24

What would the crooks get out of the lease? Definitely report it to the police and get a crime number. This can be used for your insurance company and if there are any further episodes would indicate a course of conduct were the police to catch the culprit. Has the utility company accepted the signature is fradulent? 

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