What to do about Belgium UK reverse charge VAT

Client is requesting I cite UK VAT reverse charge directive on Invoice

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I am supplying consultancy services to a client in Belgium. I have sent them an invoice with my GB VAT number but have not charged them VAT thinking the GB VAT number will alert them to self account for VAT in Belgium. The client has requested I state that the "invoice is subject to reverse charge VAT on the invoice and reference relevant UK VAT directive". I can accomodate the first part of the request but not sure about the relavant VAT directive bit. They want to reverse charge VAT in Belgium, which is fine but is there anything I can do given place of supply is Belgium and so VAT should be out of scope for me?

Thoughts will be very appreciated.

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By David Ex
11th Jun 2024 12:39

You never bothered to engage with or thank responses to your previous questions.

Get yourself an accountant.

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Replying to David Ex:
By Michael_Y
11th Jun 2024 14:15

I did click thank you re the previous respondents's post, found a solution elsewhere and I do pay for an accountant.

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Replying to Michael_Y:
By FactChecker
11th Jun 2024 15:14

Not meaning to sound like a primary school teacher, but I think you've missed the underlying point: that a forum expects/deserves *engagement* from anyone asking questions (not just an anonymous click on a 'thanks' button).
Sometimes that may just be a few words of gratitude (or not as the case may be), and sometimes it may just add a little clarification ... but either way the idea is to be of assistance to others who come later to the thread (not merely the OP).

Anyway, lecture over!
Actually, having said that, if you already have a retained Accountant then why aren't you asking these questions of them (if I were in their shoes I'd be miffed that you tried to cut me out of the info loop by trawling for free answers from unknown forum members)?

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Replying to FactChecker:
By Michael_Y
13th Jun 2024 13:28

I have noted your comment and promise to be more curteous and engaging going forward. I also wondered myself why didn't ask my accountant in the first place. I have asked her the question but didnt mention I asked here first though.

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By Jason Croke
11th Jun 2024 13:50

David makes an interesting point.

This forum is not really for business owners seeking free advice, but as is often the case, business owners post here anyway and many members of the community contribute in varying degrees as there is such a great spirit here at Any Answers, but courtesy is the foundation of forums like this and to not thank those who take time to contribute is just rude.

There was another poster this week asking about VAT on a mixed use property and options to tax, they got solutions which would save them a fortune and no thank you from that poster either, the lack of courtesy creeping into this forum makes we wonder why I and others bother to contribute.

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Replying to Jason Croke:
By paulwakefield1
12th Jun 2024 09:56

Please don't stop Jason. Your contributions are invaluable. And at least you got written thanks on another post re possible option to tax yesterday!

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Replying to paulwakefield1:
By 17RDR12
12th Jun 2024 11:24

paulwakefield1 wrote:

Please don't stop Jason. Your contributions are invaluable. And at least you got written thanks on another post re possible option to tax yesterday!

+1. Think I've learned more about VAT from Jason's posts than from any CPD course I have attended!

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By More unearned luck
11th Jun 2024 20:28

The UK doesn't issue directives on VAT or any other topic. But perhaps there has been a mistranslation and your customer meant UK legislation. In which case look here:


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