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What to do with client records when they have disappeared

What to do with client records when they have...

We have some files of client records.  The client has since since disappeared of gone into liquidation.  What do I do with them?  They are taking up quite some space.


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29th Mar 2012 12:03

If in liquidation (check @ Cos House). ask the liquidator what he wants done with them. If he says send them to him make sure he pays the transportation costs


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By pawncob
29th Mar 2012 21:38

Winter fuel allowance

I thought they were part of the Government's "Cook the Books" campaign, so why not burn them?

When I moved offices they all went in the skip (suitably anonymised of course).

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30th Mar 2012 07:41


It's down to you but I'd personally stick to the 6 year rule. Whilst any comeback is unlikely in the case of a liquidated company, it is a record of your involvement during that period and if the former directors reappear you've still got something on file.


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30th Mar 2012 08:55

Can they be scanned?

If you can scan everything then I personally would scan and shred.

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