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What to do with Receipt Bank smelly plastic beaker

Is Receipt Bank's latest marketing wheeze a plasitc beaker environmentally responsible?

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Although I'm all for reducing single use plastic waste pollution I find receiving an unsolicited re-useable orange plastic (and smelly plastic too) beaker a bit annoying. I am unlikely to use it for drinking coffee, I could bin it bur that would be as irresponsible as sending it to someone in the first place. So getting rid of it by posting it back to them will put me to some inconvenience, making me less included to look at their offering. Next time just send me a fiver at least I can buy a beer with it, served in a nice re-useable glass!


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By Paul Scholes
04th Jul 2018 15:28

I always return unwanted plastic & cardboard (and even paper - when it's Funding Circle).

If we all do it they might get the message.

BMW on the other hand just send me an envelope of seeds, which I've put in landfill (my garden)

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