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What will the HMRC do in this case?

What will the HMRC do in this case?

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We did a VAT return for a client, made a mistake on it and it was submitted online before it was noticed. We rang the VAT man and they said that if we send a letter detailing what happened and the amended figures it'll be sorted out and they will pay the amended figure. This was sent off but the client had a direct debit for the original amount go out this morning and he has now hit the roof and wants the difference back.

What will the HMRC do and how soon will it be done? Will a cheque for the difference be sent to the client? Will they hold it on account for next quarter and take less via direct debit next qtr? The client wants it back this afternoon (which I know is not going to happen) but what sort of a time scale are we talking, based on other peoples experiences?

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By Cheshire
13th Aug 2017 16:55

1) You are on an website for Accountants, not for members of the public to get freebies

2) You clearly didnt read the answers given last time you raised this

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By Cheshire
13th Aug 2017 18:46

Duplication (see below)

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By Cheshire
14th Aug 2017 08:06

Oh so now you have COMPLETELY changed your question - NOT good form!!!!!!!!!

Update as at 14 Aug- poster now also updating all his old posts to read as if he is an Accountant! But not only that, is changing them to read as something else entirely. What he is clearly too stupid to notice is that the answers now no longer reflect the same subject matter as the completely new questions he is posting! Also posting in a new name-alinea. Don't waste your time folks!!!

Original post.....

Will HMRC accept this evidence of Import VAT?
I haven't been to get C79's from my shipper. Will HMRC accept these alternative evidence invoices?

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Will HMRC accept this evidence of Import VAT?
Allowable self employed expenses
Employing subcontractors
I import to the UK using DHL and it's well documented that it's nearly impossible to get the the C79's from them for reclaiming import VAT. I've called every number and emailed several people with no luck. I read that their invoices could be used as alternative evidence so I forgot about the issue but for this last quarter I have an abnormally large reclaim which has triggered an investigation meeting with HMRC scheduled for next week. I'm really nervous that they won't accept the invoices and it's a very large amount of import VAT so it's important. Can anyone who has successfully used alternative evidence give me an idea of how likely they are to accept these DHL invoices in lieu of the C79's? The invoices have the following information:

Company Name and Address and Account Number
Shipping Company Name and Address
Charge Description "UK Import Value Added Tax" with Amount
Invoice Date/Number
Shipment Date
Shipment Origin Address
Shipment Destination Address
Shipment Tracking Number
US Departure Airport Code
UK Arrival Airport Code

Thank you in advance for your time and advice!

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Replying to Cheshire:
By neiltonks
14th Aug 2017 10:21

It's always struck me as strange that questions which have been responded to can then be edited, potentially making the responses inappropriate. The OP can always post a 'reply' if they need to add information to their original question, so the Edit option does more harm than good!

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