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What would you ask the ICAEW chief executive?

What would you ask the ICAEW chief executive?

I'm going to meet the ICAEW chief executive, Michael Izza, tomorrow for a brief interview - what questions would you put to him?


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28th Nov 2011 20:22


Hi Robert

Here are the questions I would put to Michael Izza

To what extent do accounting bodies work together on addressing common issues such as educating small businesses on the differences betweens QBE, QBF (F= Franchisors)  and qualifieds? What is ICAEW doing?Is the merger of accounting bodies off the radar now?December will be the final date when ACCA/CIMA accountants could apply for memebership for ICAEW. Why have they made the process so long winded. The fact you are a member of the same level accounting body, should be enough?How has the recent ICAEW advertising campagin on radio gone? What made ICAEW do this?What does he think of ACCA and CIMA? I would not let him off on this one.How does see he is the future of small practitioners?Is Tesco accounting service likely?





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By Luke
28th Nov 2011 21:08

Another question

I'd agree with firsttab's questions, particularly numbers 1 and 6.

As a sole practioner with no staff, I'd like to know how he thinks that the Institute supports very small practioners.  Most of the ICAEW focus is on the larger practices and it can be hard for small practioners to see that being a member of the Institute is worthwhile in terms of cost and administrative/regulatory burden.

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28th Nov 2011 23:25

The case of Albert Camus

Please ask him:

1) Does the ICAEW consider that it is an equal opportunities organization?

2) If "yes" would he comment as to why the ICAEW refuses to alter its disciplinary processes – potentially in contravention of the Equality legislation - for members who suffer from mental health issues, refusing them the opportunity to formally present medical evidence of their condition if they are medically unable to do so during the short window given by the ICAEW for appeals hearings?

(An example being the case of "Albert Camus" of the Accountweb site. Albert  - a diagnosed suffer of Bipolar Affective Disorder, a disability defined in law - was refused by the ICAEW the opportunity to present an appeal including evidence of his condition,  because, during the short window allowed under the rules - he suffered extreme mental health issues that required medical intervention and went “AWOL” only gathering himself sufficiently after the appeal date passed. When, he contacted the ICAEW – some three months after the appeal date - with medical evidence of his problems and condition, the ICAEW refused to formally re-examine his case replying that it must be “allowed to carry on with their business” even though this action directly lead to the complete loss of Albert’s £1 million business, his home, his future career and almost his marriage)

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By cpavett
29th Nov 2011 00:10

With ACCA still offering direct membership with five years membership of another ccab body, why is the ICAEW closing it's pathways programme? It's very frustrating for those who have been working towards membership and are six months away from qualifying.

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29th Nov 2011 08:06

Small Practitioners

As a follow up to Luke's point above, please can you ask why there is a constant move to make services an additional cost over and above the membership and praticising certificate fees?

If you are a specialist, there is probably merit in joining a faculty. But I find as a one man band that information I need would require joining several faculties and/or special interest groups. A recent example is the movement of Excel information from a free area to the paid for Excel Community. (And "use the library" is not the answer).

For the small practitioner, membership is a significant cost and brings with it plenty of regualtion but, apparently, less and less benefits. It is the old question of regulator versus members' organisation.

I am also glad to see that Steve McQueen has raised the question of Albert Camus -  a story which I have followed over the years and has troubled me greatly.

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13th Dec 2011 11:17

The full Q&A session with Izza


Here's a link to the full Q&A session.

The ICAEW responded collectively to the following question, rather than a personal response from Izza:

Does the ICAEW consider that it is an equal opportunities organisation? If yes, why does the ICAEW refuse to alter its disciplinary processes for members who suffer from mental health issues - particularly the case of Albert Camus.

Disciplinary Byelaws state that ICAEW cannot comment on whether any matter may or may not be the subject of consideration by our Professional Conduct Department. However if, after consideration, it is decided that disciplinary action needs to be taken then a public announcement is made. Although we cannot comment on individual matters, those same byelaws state that a member shall be liable to disciplinary action if he or she commits any act or default likely to bring discredit on himself, the Institute or the profession of accountancy. It is also important to point out that we will always give members every opportunity to provide us with evidence of medical difficulties and will take account of such evidence received before the hearing in question. If a member has a medical problem which has prevented them from telling us they want to appeal they can ask to appeal out of time provided they can provide proof of their condition.


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