Whatever happened to the CEO (of CEO's diary)?

Would be good to know he's okay.

Didn't find your answer?

Like many other long(er)-timers here, I used to enjoy the regular instalments of the CEO's diary.

As I remember it, he left his role, and the diary ceased, due to an illness.

Not asking anyone to break any confidences, but does anyone know what happened to him?  Did he re-enter the workplace?  Is he better?

Would be good to know.  



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paddle steamer
29th May 2023 12:46

Was it just me or was the CEO reminiscent of a Bond villain?

In one of the Bond films they are all sitting around a table, (Blofeld I think at the head), all the under villains known by number on the sides, number x displeases the Boss and gets executed, but it is all totally impersonal.

And so with the CEO's team they too are all just referred to as numbers (no 2, no 3 etc)

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Replying to DJKL:
paddle steamer
02nd Jun 2023 16:59


Numbers 9 and 11 have a nervous meeting.

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By Hugo Fair
02nd Jun 2023 17:04

... when $280m only cost you £100m!

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By SteveOH
29th May 2023 14:24

I remember when he was the FD and it was the FD's blog. He then got promoted and then, as you say, disappeared. It's a shame as I quite enjoyed the blog.

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By carnmores
29th May 2023 14:43

from the good old days............

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By Brend201
29th May 2023 23:35

I remember him well. He seemed like a good boss and a nice person. It was hard to believe some of the tales. How could a CFO sack the CEO who also owned the company? I was a little suspicious on occasion. I think it started in late 2001 and I became aware of it in early 2002. That would mean the baby Olivia (can anyone confirm that name?) would probably be of college age now.

Whoever wrote it, I hope he is well.

And remember No. 2 - didn't she recognise the guy because she was a member of this site? Where are you, No. 2?

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By Rammstein1
30th May 2023 08:39

I think it started with a great Xmas party story and it was always a good read.

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Richard Hattersley
By Richard Hattersley
01st Jun 2023 15:07

Hello all,

Following this Any Answers post I decided to make some enquiries and have tracked down the CEO.

So here is a note from the CEO (retired).

The editors at AccountingWEB have advised that some readers are still ensuring after my well-being. That’s very touching, having spent more than seven years sharing my life first as FD and then as CEO of an SME.

Eventually, as readers might recall, I quit because health concerns required me to do so.

Well, I am pleased to say I am still going. I moved from management to consulting, although in practice that involved taking interim and caretaking roles. I enjoyed that, and still do occasionally. The stress is high, but knowing it will end made it much easier to manage than the relentless day-to-day pressure of being full time CEO.

And now? I do what I want. My wife and I down-sized to allow that. We don’t regret doing that earlier than many people do. What work we both do, and when, is more our choice now and we have time for new pleasures, including the unexpectedly early arrival of a grandchild.

My advice? Get the stress over young. Learn from it. Move on. Find the right balance in life. Enjoy it. Accountancy made that possible. I don’t regret doing it. But nor is it my focus in life anymore.

So, it’s back to obscurity for me.

Read the CEO's blog here: https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/community/blogs/the-ceo/ceos-diary-a-not...

You can read past entries from the CEO here: https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/profile/the-ceo

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Grace Heathfield
By Grace Mock
02nd Jun 2023 10:17

Wow, I'd love to start at the beginning and read it like a book. Is there any way of doing this without the relentless scrolling down to get to the first (and subsequent) blog posts?

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Replying to Hut15:
By SteveOH
02nd Jun 2023 15:31

Yes, me also. Richard????

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Routemaster image
By tom123
02nd Jun 2023 11:00

Thanks for the update Richard, and good luck to CEO in his ventures.

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