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What's a professional reason?

What's a professional reason?

So I'm finally getting brave enough to cull the original clients that are far more trouble than they're worth.

Just received a clearance letter for one of them asking the usual question. However from somebody I work with, I now know that the client and her husband are about to be evicted for non-payment of a secured charge and the husband has a bankruptcy petition against him. Generally they were useless at record keeping despite my best efforts to improve everything and are now behind with all their filing.

The knowledge about their situation has not come to me in a professional capacity. Do I worry about the incoming accountant or just issue the normal paperwork? I've been paid as I insisted on standing order.



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By pawncob
17th Jul 2012 17:45

professional duty

Put yourself in the place of the new accountant. Wouldn't you want a heads up on this?

Professional reputation is always worth the effort.

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17th Jul 2012 17:54

A 2 minute phone call will save you a lot of worry, then write the standard reply.

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By G_T_I
17th Jul 2012 17:55

Have a pint.

Putting what you "think might" happen in writing wouldn't be wise.  However, a friendly chat over a pint would be the route I would take.


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By Monsoon
20th Jul 2012 18:05

Phone call

Have a chat off the record - that's what you'd want if the situation were reversed, isn't it?

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