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Tax Refund on PTA v Agents Portal

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I am gob smacked. On our GGA a tax liability is howing that is completely differnt to the same liability on the PTA. Infact on the PTA a huge tax refund is showing .

First time I have ever seen such a strange situation. Does anyone know if the GGA is on a seperate platform to PTA ? How could an amount owing at a specific date from a single Government Department be so wrong.

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By Jason Croke
22nd Jun 2023 15:22

For VAT, I have come across situations where "old" VAT debts/surcharges do not show up on the VAT portal because the "old" system does not speak to the new system, so I generally have little faith in what the "what you owe us" section says.

I've also got an issue currently in with the HMRC IT team to explain why my client has filed their VAT return and are currently in the middle of a first return verification process, but online gateway shows return has not been filed and client has had a surcharge assessed against them.

So return filed, inspection in progress, but return also not filed and surcharges incurred.

Its' safe to say HMRC's IT systems are not talking to each other and is kind of a big problem when you think about it.

Sorry, can't comment on PTA, not my area but suspect common issues.

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By Hugo Fair
22nd Jun 2023 17:30

Well a portal is agnostic (i.e. like Manuel it "knows nothing") and is supposed to show numbers retrieved from elsewhere.

Of course, based on Harra's unapologetic dismissal of their core databases as 'legacy systems', I suppose it's possible that they've attempted some maintenance - and then accidently connected the portal to a different legacy system (ERNIE the random number generator)!

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By Not Anonymous
22nd Jun 2023 17:47

Could it be you are looking at a Self Assessment liability and you/they client are looking at a non Self Assessment calculation (as it's an overpayment a P800) on the PTA?

I know for an individual tax year there should be one or the other but sadly life's not always like that!

Or maybe it's a credit on the Self Assessment account which will not be allocated to a 2022-23 Balancing Payment until mid December(ish)?

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Replying to Not Anonymous:
By GHarr497688
23rd Jun 2023 14:01

sadly no it's not this.

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By jonharris999
23rd Jun 2023 07:35

We had one of these last week. Can't remember having had one before. On PTA, a refund is showing because the one Employment in the year was under PA, and employer deducted tax. All makes perfect sense on SA - a simultaneous self-employment took client way over PA and led to normal liability, payment on account etc, offset PAYE already paid, all showing correctly in BTA. But this did not stop them refunding the PAYE when there was no need to. All most unhelpful and confusing to client.

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Replying to jonharris999:
By GHarr497688
23rd Jun 2023 14:03

the case was one where the client has received one off Pension payment with tax deducted at source which they then applied for an incorrect partial tax refund from HMRC. Even when this is taken into account the refund makes no sense to me or my client.

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