What’s next for the accounting industry?

What key trends, tech, opportunities/challenges, regulations can change Accounting scenario

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Changes in the Accounting industry manual bookkeeping to automation and cloud accounting are adapted by the Many accounting and bookkeeping firms By embracing the trends in accounting in order to reshape their business and simplify their work to a great extent.Most people are also outsourcing their accounting needs in order to completely focus on the task at hand and generating new business.

What key trends, tech, opportunities/challenges, can change the Accounting industry in future- What would be the biggest Move for the industry any thoughts?

Cloud Accounting, Automation of accounting, Blockchain, MTD, Brexit, Outsourcing etc.

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By Tim Vane
09th Oct 2018 10:38

Oh lookie. Let's put as many buzzwords into an article as we can so that google will be sure to pick it up along with the website address of our outsourcing service. Nothing like a bit of link spam is there.

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Replying to Tim Vane:
By Selaen
10th Oct 2018 10:37

Methinks someone jumped on the SEO bandwagon so hard their common sense fell out.

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