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What's required for an Italian to work in UK

We need to know requirements for 10 days work in UK by Italian nationals from Italian company

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What requirements do we as a UK company need to use an Italian company to erect and dismantle a temp structure with 10 of it's workers for our event in UK for 10 days?

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By OldParkAcct
09th Apr 2021 07:06

If your contract is with the Italian company then it’s their problem to make sure there workers have the correct permission to work in the UK.

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By paul.benny
09th Apr 2021 07:35

So many things for your contractor to consider
- covid requirements for their workers, both on arrival in UK and on return to Italy;
- what the workers do between erection and dismantling;
- are the workers Italian citizens - different rules may apply if they are not
- VAT on the supply to you (hire of structure and associated labour). Likely to be in scope of UK VAT
- customs requirements for bringing in the temporary structure and returning to Italy

If I were doing this in the opposite direction (ie providing a temporary structure from UK to Italy)...well, I wouldn't.

The risk for you is that the contractor only realises that it's too difficult/complicated when it's too late for you to engage an alternative contractor.

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