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What's special about Argentina and Korea?

Re personal allowance - not re football

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INTM334580, which we have previously noted is a good easy check of who gets PA and who doesn't, says this about N&R's of Argentian and Korea:

"no relief for 2002-03 and later years"

Does this mean no PA for them since then, or does it mean something else?

What did they do wrong?!

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By Hugo Fair
13th May 2022 16:55

No idea ... presumably you ask just out of idle interest?

FWIW in 2001 Argentina underwent a full-blown debt default crisis, which in turn led to an Emergency Taxes regime by the then administration in 2002-03.
I can't be bothered to do the research for you, but I suspect there was something equally cataclysmic in Korea (I recall something about President Bush saying they were part of the axis of evil)?

BTW, why aren't you interested in the qualification "Sweden(up to April 2016 only)"?

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By jonharris999
13th May 2022 17:12

Korean N&R potential client has been told that he gets PA ref his UK rental income, and I seek assurance that the teller of this is correct.

I take the Sweden qualification to mean that there is definitely no PA for yer Swedes post 2016 - that seems clear. So why then aren't Arg and Korea qualified by the equivalent "up to 2002 only"? The difference in language made me think it must mean something else. But what? That there is a PA, but there isn't DT relief? That seems extraordinary.

I note that Spurs have had more successful Argentinian and Korean players than anyone else, Man Utd included. Except perhaps Chelsea if you include the women. It's a real tester.

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By The Dullard
13th May 2022 17:51

Is INTM334580 correct though?

These restrictions are not mentioned in RDRM10340 or HMRC's tax digest, and the UK's treaties with both countries do seem to have non-discrimination clauses in their (1996) treaties that do afford personal allowances to individuals who are both nationals and residents.

INTM334580 does agree with the tax digest and treaty for Sweden though, whilst RDRM10340 doesn't mention the 2016 change for the new treaty.

Nationals of Sweden get a PA by reason of being EEA nationals, but individuals resident in Sweden who are not Swedish nationals do not.

The tax digest is here:

The treaty with South Korea is here:

There doesn't seem to be a treaty with North Korea, but I can't think why.

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