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What's the best automated payroll software?

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Afternoon all,

We're a small practice in Hampshire and have for years outsourced payroll but we're now looking to bring it back in house. 

I would appreciate some advice on the best payroll software others are using. I am a complete payroll newbie so please do explain to me as if I know nothing. 

Ideally we want an automated cloud solution. Something where the client might have their own option to log on, print payslips and even send/input figures. 

We'd quite like reminders and billing to be automatic too.

Bonus points if anyone can tell me any handy integrations they've got re billing and data entry.

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By jcace
06th Aug 2020 16:18

BrightPay all the way for me.
Great user interface, easy to use, versatile, intuitive Auto Enrolment features, CIS integration, CJRS claims all as standard. Connect facility provides cloud-based access for staff to access payslips etc and upload holiday info, and for employer to access reports.
Great product. I have absolutely no regrets about switching to this several years ago.
And it constantly improves and updates.

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By sally1964
06th Aug 2020 16:42

Another vote for Bright pay

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blue sheep
06th Aug 2020 20:06

Brightpay for us, not sure I understand what you mean by automated billing integrated with payroll software, for us those are two different things.
Also not sure you will get a non bespoke payroll software that allows clients to enter their own data - again if that is what you mean, although Brightpay offers a cloud addon that allows clients to self serve but we do not use it so could not comment on what it does exactly

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By SXGuy
07th Aug 2020 07:35

Never heard of payroll software which clients can input data. After all what service are you providing if they do it themselves? Nothing wrong with an email.

Also bare in mind the issues you may have changing mid tax year. Messed up employee id that isn't carried over will cause hmrc to assume two jobs. Watch the influx of tax code changes.

My advice. Wait till M1.

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