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whats the best MTD software for SAGE USERS

Our SAGE program is not MTD compatible (older version)

I realise the answer to my question is probably SAGE! But the version we use is not compatible, and we want to avoid going to SAGE subscription really. I assume that there is no way of doing this without paying some costs?

 Is there any sotware that I can download to export the VAT report from SAGE into? Or do I have to start doing spreadhseets.

Im really struggling with this MTD business, if anyone out there can recommend am inexpensive, simple solution I'm all ears.


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By Matrix
10th Jan 2019 09:47

Bridging software for the first year.

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By jcace
to Matrix
10th Jan 2019 10:07

And beyond.

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to jcace
10th Jan 2019 12:57

Bridging software for the first year and beyond. We support Sage VAT exports and many other formats out of the box.

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to VitalTax
10th Jan 2019 13:03

Thanks, Ive just found you online and will watch demo

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13th Jan 2019 17:29

Watch how to submit Sage VAT return via MTD gateway:

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10th Jan 2019 14:08

Options are

1. Upgrade to Sage subscription.
2. Stay as you are and use a bridging software (not sure how long that will be allowed
3. Look at other options which may be better for you such as Xero, that will do the mTD submission but also provide better solution for running you business on.

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to Glennzy
17th Jan 2019 11:03

Another option is to buy outright or pay monthly Sage Essentials (aka Sage Instant) purely to submit your VAT returns. You can take any Sage accounts backup up to 5 years old and import into the latest version of Sage.

If you are on a top of the range Sage 50 version, with multiple users and/or companies, this may cost you a lot each year.

However, you can still restore any same version of Sage 50/Instant, or 5 years backwards, into Instant.

Instant/Essentials can be bought with SJ Software / Amazon for around £100.

I would argue, strictly, that if you export a VAT return from Sage, or any software, and then use bridging software that would need manual intervention and therefore break the electronic records of prime entry to electronic VAT return submission.

I know who HMRC would not know!

You could always find a friendly accountant/business to restore your fully prepare Sage VAT return into their MTD latest version and submit the VAT return. That could take 5 minutes.

I have a client on Sage 50 version 18 and is happy with it. We are now on version 25. I can restore into version 22 (to upgrade) and the backup and restore into versions up to version 26 (when available). This only takes a few minutes to restore/backup/restore and can essentially take a Sage version 10 years old and make it MTD compatible. You still have start to end electronic data and no human interaction in import / export of the electronic records.

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to paulinleeds
18th Jan 2019 14:45

I was told by Sage that you had to be on a subscription for the software to be MTD compatible. If you had a perpetual licence then you would need to buy an MTD add on at £25 per month.

Is what they told me wrong?

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to pdtaylor78
24th Jan 2019 12:47

Yes and No. You need a subscription licence for MTD. You could load the data from Sage 50 Accounts into Sage 50 Essentials. It's the same data format in both programs.

Sage Essentials is very cheap though.

You can buy an add on licence for Sage v24 and v25 and above for £125 pm just for MTD submissions.


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10th Jan 2019 15:40

Heres a video about how to get the data from Sage

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to johnhemming
04th Mar 2019 10:56

From what I understand that method will not be compliant as there is an element of manual input.

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to TMK Accounts
04th Mar 2019 12:57

All software has someone typing something in somewhere. Even if you take an organisation like Sage someone has manually instructed the computer to take value a and send it to HMRC. That is how mapping operates. I don't think anyone is using AI for this (although I might use a bit of AI to analyse Collins Books - but that will be for reading handwriting).

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17th Jan 2019 11:14

I had the same problem and tried VT Transaction + and problems are solved for a really great price as well. I'm in the process of converting my Sage clients in readiness for the due date and it supports MTD. The software doesn't have all of the bells & whistles that Sage has, but really, who makes full use of them anyway. VT do a free trial for 60 days - it's a straight forward download so have a play with it.

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17th Jan 2019 14:28

Use to import your Sage Excel Import for 2019+ future years. Its £19.50 this January for an "annual licence" that lasts until April 2020.

I have filed VAT Returns with 5 minutes of signing up with them, but you need to already be registered with HMRC for MTD. They have a support page on how to register for MTD, if you aren't already registered.

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