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When and how to transfer clients over for MTD ASA?

When do I transfer clients over to my Agent Services Account for MTD and how?

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I've finally successfully set-up an Agent Services Account (ASA) (the saga of creating one would be an article in itself).

Now that I have one set-up HOW and WHEN do I transfer clients for VAT over to my Agent Services Account from the HMRC account I currently use?

For example, do I just transfer over ALL my VAT clients? Or just the ones that are over the VAT threshold? Or do I only transfer over the clients who have given me the go ahead to carry out their VAT in accordance with MTD?

The HOW and WHEN and HOW i bring these clients over is a mystery as I cannot see anything oline by the government advising on this.


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By northernmonkey
12th Mar 2019 14:03

Follow the instructions on the ASAA page. This clearly says you can link clients from your existing government gateway account (and more then one if that's the case). But don't sign any of them up for MTDv until you have filed the last VAT return under the existing portal! By the way, you can't see a client list on the new ASAA which is annoying - client lists will now be through the software you use to file.

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Replying to northernmonkey:
By Owen1
12th Mar 2019 15:02

Thank you so much for answering.

So IF I wanted to file someone's VAT via MTD (Using Iris Kashflow and Snap) BEFORE April arrives I need to bring over that client before April?

For example one client has a December, January, February quarter, and I have been given the go-ahead to file that quarter via the new MTD scheme by the client. So therefore I need to bring this client over from the existing Gov gateway now if I intend to do this??

Thank you.

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Replying to Owen1:
By Duggimon
12th Mar 2019 15:13

If you intend to do that then the sooner you register that client for MTD the better.

Most people on here won't have taken that step yet, and aren't planning to until mid May, so you may find yourself forging your own path from this point on.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By Owen1
12th Mar 2019 15:20

I was hoping to get some practice regarding the software before April so that I know what I'm doing.

Is this not a good idea?

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Replying to Owen1:
By johnhemming
12th Mar 2019 15:29

The thing to watch is the timing on Direct Debits.

My recommendation to accountants and other agents is to at least have one account in MTD ASAP. That way the foibles of the process become easier to handle.

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