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When do consolidated/group accounts needs preparing?

When do consolidated/group accounts needs...

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Please forgive what is probably a basic question to some. Not usually my thing, and I've not looked at them since my exams too many years ago.

If a small close company owns some shares in another small close company, at what point do group accounts needs preparing? When the first company has a controlling interest? Are dividends from the shares held just FII of the first company until that point?

Before anyone says it, no, I am not getting into something I don't know enough about!


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By thevaliant
17th Dec 2014 21:32

Medium sized group

Decide who is in the group.

Is that group medium sized (or larger)?

If so, prepare group accounts.

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By johngroganjga
17th Dec 2014 22:35

Yes the trigger for the obligation to prepare group accounts is the size of the group.

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By Euan MacLennan
18th Dec 2014 11:06

And also ...

... the trigger for audit of parent and subsidiaries' accounts.

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By Monsoon
18th Dec 2014 13:27


So anything under the small company/group thresholds and nothing different needs to happen?

Merry Xmas :)

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By TerryD
18th Dec 2014 15:13

Not quite nothing - there are a few additional disclosures in both companies individual accounts.

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