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When do Corp tax Payments on account start?

I'm aware of the limits + the group effect, but is is after your first year over the limit, or in it

My company has recently joined a group, which is reducing the annual limit, and means it might be over the threshold for paying on account

my question is: do you have to start making payments on account when you have had a year over the threshold, or when you forecast to have profits over the threshold in the current year?

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By Yalnif
09th Oct 2017 11:21

You start making payments on account for the year after you are above the threshold.

However should the estimated profits for the first year be above £10m (dividend by the number of associated companies) then payments on account would be required.

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09th Oct 2017 11:23

If the company doesn't have a tax adviser, it should consider apppointing one as a matter of urgency.

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