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When does the tax year end ?

When does the tax year end ?

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I phoned the tax office today to ask them to change a clients tax code only to be told that they have shut down 2004/05 and are unable to issue any new codes for the current tax year. Why should my client overpay tax in month 12 when a simple amendment could have been done and his employer could then deduct the correct amount of tax at the end of the month ? Is this what they call "providing a service to the customer" ?
Simon Bird

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22nd Mar 2005 18:27

It is a known fact that there is a window during which the Revenue will not issue revised codings, in order that these do not become confused with codings for the tax year commencing on 6th April which may be different.
Two years ago I had a similar problem, and asked to speak to an Inspector, who agreed to mark up the record at the Tax Office for one of our Director clients (we held a 64-8) in respect of the agreed revised coding, but the Inspector confirmed that whilst we were authorised to operate the new code, this could not be confirmed in writing. I made sure that there was a clear file note of the Inspector's name, time and date of the call and breakdown of the agreed constituents of the code in case this was subsequently challenged. Not an ideal situation but it proves it can be done.You would probably need to speak to an Inspector rather than a Revenue agent and have a good reason why the coding should be amended.

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By ACDWebb
24th Mar 2005 15:10

Without wishing to appear an apologist
whilst it is annoying, there may be an element of real world thought behind it.

They are probably looking at post times - allowing for the Easter break - and the fact many payrolls will already have closed for Month 12 by 22 March when you posted.

Do you run the payroll for the client that you want the code changed for?

If not are you certain that the bureau, or whoever else deals with the payroll will accept a coding change this late in the day?

If, however, you do then the first responders suggestion that you speak to a line manager and explain the situation might get the answer you want

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