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When is free not free - When IRIS offer it you for free

When is free not free - When IRIS offer it you...

I received a letter advising me that my IRIS fees would be going up again. However, it did say that I could have the Company Formations module for free so I thought to compensate I might try it. But when I tried I was informed that I would have to buy credits from them to be able use it - to me this is not free but an IRIS misrepresentation.



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23rd Jul 2010 11:04

Hiding the facts

..Another example of IRIS increasingly behaving like SAGE ... hiding the true cost of products and services!

The letter doesn't even tell you how much the prices are going up by ... where is the transparency?

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By mwngiol
23rd Jul 2010 13:15


Anyone who uses the interent regularly knows that free no longer means what most people interpret it to mean. Free now means that you have to pay. And often you then have to pay again.

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