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When is the latest you can file a SA tax return?

When is the latest you can file a SA tax return?

I have just tried to file a SA100 for 2007/08 for an individual client. When trying to file the returns using HMRC online website/software it confirmed the clients 07/08 return was outstanding but would not let me access the filing section stating that the filing window for that period had closed.

Does anyone know of an alternative way of filing these returns eg buying a previous version of Ftax for those years? Im assuming paper returns may be accepted but would the £100 penalties from all that way back then stand?

This client has no tax to pay but there is another with losses from 07/08 to carry forward.

Many thanks for your advice.


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By cmiskin
30th Apr 2012 19:54

Too late

2007/8 went out of time for filing on 05/04/2012. 

HMRC will not accept the return in any form and any refund or loss is no longer available. If you submit a 2007/8 return showng a liability, HMRC may raise a discovery assessment but they will not process the return as such. HMRC may agree to cancel the late filing penalties on the basis of nil liability of you write to request this (with the SATR in support).

Be relieved that there is not a determination that you can no longer displace without Special Relief!

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