When sorry simply isn’t good enough?

Reckless corporate governance.....

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The last couple of days at the Post Office Horizon Inquiry has seen Post Office Board members give evidence. By and large they seem to think they understand what good governance until it comes to implementing it. Some are intelligent enough to realise they are culpable and say “sorry.”

But it is not good enough.

They were not paid for their hindsight vision which they happily give. They are being found wanting and I hope that ultimately sufficient penalties are served out that “governors” think twice in the future.  No doubt we will see in due course.

Nice to see Paula has three days all to herself in late May. Looking forward to it.

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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
12th Apr 2024 17:49

For the true demonstration of 'sorry' watch Father Jack on 'Father Ted' on Youtube

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By David Ex
12th Apr 2024 18:00

Not sure the idea that being CEO and then claiming you had no idea about something as important as the powers of the PO as a prosecutor makes you look very bright.

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Replying to David Ex:
By D V Fields
12th Apr 2024 19:26

With plausible deniability that the phrase “going through the courts” still meant he remained ignorant. Then claims to have commissioned a report into the robustness of the Horizon system but never saw or sought the response, but leaves shortly afterwards.

“My instincts tell that, in a recession, subbies with their hands in the till choose to blame the technology when they are found short of cash,” he, Alan Cook wrote, which tells you more about him and the Post Office than I think he expected.

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By Dougscott
12th Apr 2024 18:15

Corporate Governance at the Post Office????

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Replying to Dougscott:
By D V Fields
12th Apr 2024 19:35

When will lack of it become a criminal offence?

I can somewhat believe Adam Crozier does not understand a profit and loss account and balance sheet nor the use of a suspense account. After all if you heard the evidence of the FD a few months ago it seems to be a theme running through the whole organisation.

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