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When to file Corporation Tax?

When to file Corporation Tax?


I'm a UK Non-Resident and live in the United States. I've recently incorporated my company online with Companies House.

- My question is how do I pay taxes? Do I have to register myself on HMRC Website? I got confused when I went to HMRC website since "self-assessment" or "self-employed" are terms restricted to UK Residents (with a National Insurance Number, etc.).

Or, do I need to do absolutely nothing? (i.e. HMRC will contact me automatically at the end of the tax year and give me 9 months (approx.) to file the return if they feel it's necessary?).

Also, does Companies House play a role in this? (i.e. WebFiling is where we file Company's Accounts and Annual Return. Are these things forwarded to HMRC?)

Please help.

Thank you!


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06th Jul 2012 08:01

Look at these

You are not using an accountant?

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